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If you are at least 80 years old or know someone who is, we’d love to set up an interview with you.

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Please download your Interview Guide, with all the questions and instructions for setting up your interview.

How to Join Us

Get ready for your interview.
It will be worth it.


Set Up the Interview 

We kindly ask for the video to be set up in landscape mode and for each participant to be interviewed individually in their own language.

Please sit your interviewee comfortably, in the center of the screen making sure their face is in focus and well-lit.
High Resolution videos are preferred, if possible.


Listen & Enjoy 

This is your chance to share a special time of connection. Sit back, listen, and be curious. Be respectful and embrace all stories. Take all the time that is needed.

*Please ask for consent to the use of the interview (you will find it in the Interview Guide) during the recording.


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Share your file with us at
(If the file is too large please use
Your feedback about your experience is welcome.

Once the interview (or parts of it) has been published we shall send you a link to the web page.

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